Colonial Loose Tea Sampler Gift Set
Colonial Loose Tea Sampler Gift Set

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Colonial Loose Tea Sampler Gift Set

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Experience the charm of our Colonial Loose Tea Sampler Gift Set! This set is a delightful journey for anyone who cherishes the warmth that tea brings. Spanning from the quiet comfort of classic colonial flavors to the allure of unique blends, this collection caters perfectly to tea lovers. Enclosed within the beautiful packaging, you'll find five enchanting tea flavors that will uplift your spirits and soothe your senses. Each tea flavor is ethically sourced, reaffirming our dedication to conscious consumption.

• Colonial Bohea Tea: This selection offers a smooth, smoky taste that dates back to colonial times. Known for its robust flavor, this tea will surely become a favorite.

• Cacao Shell Tea: Rich and slightly sweet, this unique blend resonates with an indulgent chocolaty flavor that tea and cocoa enthusiasts will love.

• Young Hyson Green Tea: This light and delicious tea carries a spring-like essence. Its vibrant flavor will freshen your palate and elevate your mood.

• Peppermint Tea: This refreshing brew's minty aroma is an ideal pick-me-up. Its invigorating flavor can be enjoyed hot or cold.

• Gunpowder Green Tea: This distinct tea offers a rich, full-bodied taste. Its slightly smoky essence leaves a delightful aftertaste to relish.

Each tea is carefully chosen and packed with love, making this kit perfect for a thoughtful gift or a fantastic addition to your own kitchen. The Colonial Loose Tea Sampler Gift Set truly lets you explore the diverse world of colonial teas, brimming with history and flavor. Here's to many invigorating tea times ahead!