Let That Shit Go! Candle
Let That Shit Go! Candle

Sangria Epimetheus

Let That Shit Go! Candle

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Bid adieu to stress and anxiety with the "Let That Shit Go!" Candle. This candle is more than just a room freshener - it's a mantra to embrace self-care, an attitude to release negativities, and a step toward a calmer, more relaxed you. A perfect addition to your home, it is designed to not only fill your space with a soothing aroma but also to inspire and uplift your mood with its unique, life-affirming design. Handcrafted with love, our special candle indulges you with a hint of enchanting Lavender Essential Oil. The comforting scent of lavender aids relaxation, creating an environment where stress is gently coaxed into oblivion. Bask in the sweet, floral fragrance as it quickly fills your room, turning your space into a serene haven. 

Key features:

• The "Let That Shit Go!" Candle is housed in a 9oz Glass Jar with a Lid. The stylish, reusable jar is not just easy to use but also adds a touch of elegance to any decor.

• Featuring coconut wax, known for its slow and clean burn, the candle ensures a longer lasting and more consistent scent.

• Every candle is Hand-Poured with the utmost care, demonstrating our commitment to quality.

• Made in the U.S.A., the candle speaks of our love for local and sustainable resources.

The "Let That Shit Go!" candle stands as a reminder to breath, relax, and let go of all things that are stealing your peace. Light up this candle, inhale the soothing scent of lavender, exhale the negatives, and make room for positivity and calmness. So, why not treat yourself to one today?