My Home And My Body Are My Temple Candle

Sangria Epimetheus

My Home And My Body Are My Temple Candle

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Savor the soothing power of self-care with our "My Home And My Body Are My Temple" candle. This isn't just your average candle; it's a radiant beacon that embodies serenity and nurturing, rewarding you with an ambiance of peace and tranquility. And... this candle serves as a reminder that you are loved! Whether it's part of your daily routine or an exceptional spa day at home, this candle is designed to uplift your spirit and transform your home into a sanctuary. 


• This sage-scented candle brings a fresh, earthy aroma into your home. The scent of sage is reputed to cleanse and purify, making it perfect for times when you need to cleanse your space or revitalize your senses.

• The affirmation design - "My Home And My Body Are My Temple" - promotes a positive, self-loving atmosphere. It is a beautiful addition to any space and a powerful reminder to honor and care for our bodies and personal environment.

• The candle is contained in a sturdy 9oz glass jar with a lid. It's easy to store and move around, and the lid ensures the scent is kept fresh.

• Our candle incorporates a blend of coconut and apricot wax. This combination results in a clean, soot-free burn, minimal wax residue on the jar, and higher fragrance loads for ultra-aromatic experiences.

• Authentically made in the U.S.A., this candle assures you of the highest quality.

Investing in our "My Home And My Body Are My Temple" candle is not just about buying a product but also about gifting yourself moments of much-deserved self-care and relaxation. So why wait? Create a sublime retreat within your own four walls today.