Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts
Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts
Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts
Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts
Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts

Pink Iolaus

Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts

Sale price$20.99

Imagine slipping into a pair of shorts that promise absolute comfort and offer a fantastic fit - that's what you'll get with our Women's Cross Waist Biker Shorts! This piece of women's athletic wear is designed with a high waist belt and a unique cross-belly design that fits your body contour perfectly. You won't have to worry about a loose top as this provides maximum coverage while bending and stretching. It shapes your waist curve and gives you a streamlined look.

Crafted with a blend of 75% cotton and 25% spandex, these workout shorts manage to compress for matchless comfort. This unique material mix also ensures your muscles stay warm, allowing you to perform at your best. Convenience is one of the strong points of this product; featured are two pockets on both sides where you can store mobile phones, cards, keys, and valuables. This added storage increases functionality and frees up your hands!

If you're a fan of cycling, running, hiking, or enjoy a variety of sports and workouts, these yoga pants serve your needs perfectly. They keep you confident and comfortable, whether exercising or just hanging out.

Key Features:

- Designed to be breathable and dry

- Sweat-wicking and quick-drying technology to keep you comfortable during workouts

- Excellent elasticity for a perfect fit

- Provides ample support during activity

- Fashion-forward design that matches any athletic outfit

- Skin-friendly material for added comfort

- Advanced waist design for a better fit

- Made with 75% cotton and 25% spandex to keep muscles warm during workouts 

Color: Black

Size: M, L, XL