Women's Running Shorts with Lining
Women's Running Shorts with Lining
Women's Running Shorts with Lining
Women's Running Shorts with Lining

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Women's Running Shorts with Lining

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We're super excited to present our Women's Running Shorts with Lining! These are not just any shorts; they're engineered to offer you maximum comfort, support, and style, no matter what kind of physical activity you engage in. These athletic shorts are designed with a bifurcated outer layer to provide you with excellent breathability and a greater range of motion. Whether you're in the midst of a muggy summer run or an intense yoga session, these shorts will keep you cool and free to move! The shorts are lined to give you the elastic support you need during exercise. The lining also helps prevent friction and running out, letting you work out comfortably.

• Bifurcated design for better breathability

• Lined to prevent friction and running out

As for stashing your essentials, look no further! Our running shorts feature zipper pockets on both sides, perfect for storing your mobile phone, keys, or cards. It's convenience being taken to a whole new level!

• Zipper pockets for storing essentials

Don't let the word 'running' fool you. These shorts boast a widened waist that can help hide abdominal fat and a loose-fitting buttock area that complements different body types. It makes these shorts incredibly versatile fit for yoga, exercise, fitness, training, and even everyday casual wear.

• Widened waist and loose-fitted buttock area for a flattering fit

They're made from a soft, comfortable blend of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. With such a smooth, breathable fabric, you'll be soaking in the comfort while achieving your fitness goals.

• Soft and breathable fabric blend for comfort

These Women's Running Shorts are truly a perfect blend of function and fashion. Go ahead, add them to your athletic wear wardrobe and experience the difference!